Causeway Shag Club
 Surf City North Carolina
P.O. Box 4240, Surf City, NC  28445

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Causeway Shag Club is meeting at Margaritas!

Walter Scott will be our DJ September 6th at 8:00 pm

There will not be a third Saturday night event due to SOS


Shag Lessons

   Shag Lessons at Margaritas Wednesday nights at 7:30.

(No Charge)


This page last updated on 08/19/2014

The Causeway Shag Club was formed on January 14, 2000. The club was formed by individuals who love the shag dance, the music and the people associated with it and who desire to preserve, promote and share this idea with others. We are a private club, operated and governed solely by its members and are free from any religious, political, or commercial influences. After two years of holding lessons at the Commodore Room in Surf City, North Carolina and enjoying many nights dancing to shag music, the undersigned individuals decided to form a shag club. It is our intention to promote the Shag Dance and the music associated with it to everyone.
Special Thanks to our Charter Members
Phil Turner
Debbie Turner
Donna Jones
Bonnie Willaford
Wanda Page
Wendy Guthrie
Margaret Hemingway - Sandy Parker

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